What is alcoholism manifested in?

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Most of the symptoms that can be used early enough (so that the treatment of alcoholism is as little complicated as possible) are psychological. Therefore, the addicted person is the quickest to notice them – however, it does not always help to counteract the disease effectively. These symptoms include:

  • internal compulsion / need to drink;
  • loss of control with regard to the amount of alcohol consumed and when to stop drinking;
  • increased alcohol tolerance;
  • alcohol becomes a central element of life;
  • memory gaps and awareness problems;
  • the need to prove adequate control of drinking.

The last symptom is withdrawal syndrome, which is however visible to those around you. Due to the fact that most of the symptoms listed are subjective, and addicts have the habit of hiding them from others – usually very effectively – one should also be alert to signals that are directly related to being an alcoholic. The most noticeable changes in an addict are their character and behavior – alcoholics become depressed, nervous and irritable, and often more jealous. In addition, the appearance is added, due to the fact that alcohol causes dehydration – which results in graying and fading of the skin, wrinkles deepen, the face becomes swollen, eyes have dark circles and the skin is sometimes red.
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Such a deteriorating appearance may also be an argument in making the sick person aware of the problem and which should result in alcoholism therapy.

What are the causes of alcoholism?

There can be many causes of alcoholism, and it is always an individual matter – each therapy for an alcoholic is different because the complexity of the problem itself requires such an approach. The causes of alcoholism can be divided into medical, genetic, psychological, sociological and pedagogical causes.

Medical cause

It is associated with the aforementioned physical dependence and withdrawal syndrome. It is possible that the immediate cause of alcoholism is the conditioning of the body, which will begin to need more and more of this psychoactive drug. Most often, however, the physical aspect is the result of an addiction whose cause lies elsewhere. Physical treatment of alcoholism is done through alcohol detox.

Genetic conditioning

Alcoholism is not an inherited disease, so genes cannot be considered as a direct cause of it. However, it has been scientifically proven that genetics have some influence on the susceptibility and tendency to become an alcoholic. The gene is intended to facilitate the development of the disease and analogously to this, treatment of alcoholism becomes more difficult. The fact is that the gene cannot directly cause the disease, but only in combination with other causes makes it more dangerous. A person with this gene may never become an alcoholic – just as well a person who does not have it may become an alcoholic. The immediate causes are psychological, sociological and pedagogical reasons.


From the point of view of psychologists, alcoholism is caused by problems in life – or rather, the need to deal with them. On the surface, drinking is the way to do that. Alcohol consumption acts as a defense mechanism which, by creating a temporary feeling of euphoria, allows you to escape from financial and social difficulties. By drinking, alcoholics also suppress intense emotions that they cannot cope with in any other way. If this is the case, the way to treat alcoholism would be to make the person aware that drinking does not solve the problem, and an alternative and effective way to do this must be presented.

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