What is depression and how serious is it?

Depression is considered a disease that belongs to a mood disorder. Its main symptom is a significant deterioration in well-being that persists for a long time. The affected person usually has problems with daily functioning or social life. She suffers from sleep disorders, is prone to other diseases and her quality of life is significantly reduced. About whatis depressionand how to recognize its symptoms should know, even if it is not susceptible to the disease.

There are three main causes responsible for mood disorders, including its long-term depression – that is, states characteristic of depression. These are factors:

  • biological (including, for example, hormones, genetics, or neurotransmission abnormalities),
  • psychological (e.g., personality type or susceptibility to stress),
  • social (e.g., loneliness, being left alone).

about how to cure depression Doctors and therapists informand its related states (the so-called depressive episodes and recurrent disorders). The main treatments for depression are psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and pharmacotherapy. According to the researchers,also help fight the disease CBD products with positive laboratory test results.

According to the World Health Organization in 2020, depression will become the world’s leading cause of death. This best illustrates the problem faced by sick people and how important it is to support them. Although doctors know many methods of dealing with depression, thefrom depression own contribution that can be made to the mental health of a person sufferingshould not be underestimated. Pharmacotherapy,treatment cannabisor psychotherapy should be supported by the environment in which the patient lives.

How to recognize depression in yourself or a loved one?

It is good to know how to recognize depression and not to confuse it with sadness or grief, which are not in themselves as serious a mental disorder as depression. This is especially important for people who want to start psychotherapy or treatment with CBD oils, expecting the effects of the treatment. For short-term mental health problems, different treatments than for depression should be used.

Here are the symptoms that are worth paying attention to in particular. They will also help people who are sick to answer the question “am I depressed and should I see a specialist”?  

The occurrence of depression or a depressive episode may be evidenced by:

  1. Depressed mood lasting more than a dozen or so days.
  2. Fatigue, lack of energy and feeling of pleasure.
  3. Lowered self-esteem, persistent guilt.
  4. Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, tension.
  5. Problems with concentration and making decisions.
  6. Trouble sleeping.

The symptoms listed above are just some of those that may affect the patient. You should consult your doctor about your own suspicions of depression. This one can recommend not only pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy, becauseproducts are also increasingly CBD used to fight the disease.

First symptoms of depression that cannot be ignored

Depression is an evolving disease and, if not noticed, can cause serious harm to your mental and physical health. That is why it is so important to have the first symptoms of depression were treated seriously, and both the patient and his family not underestimate them.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, the disease can make its presence felt by disrupting the normal activity of the sufferer. Moreover, she may also experience delusions, hallucinations, and stupor, which are usually symptoms of more severe medical conditions. Depression may be a one-off episode or a recurring complaint. It can also be cured.

The patient should know not only how to treat depression, but also how to deal with the disease in everyday life. The lowered levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain can be regulated by CBD oilsor psychotherapy, but returning to full health requires at least a minimal effort, which the patient unfortunately lacks.

How to cure depression, or methods of fighting the disease

The aforementioned methods of fighting depression are methods the use of which is preceded by testing the patient. After collecting a detailed interview and undergoing psychiatric examinations, a diagnosis is made – sometimes the patient is also tested for bipolar disorder.

So the question is how to treat depression, and what are the most common therapies? These are:

  • Psychotherapy, consisting primarily in maintaining regular contacts between the patient and a specialist and trying to face problems together, as well as monitoring the patient’s condition; according to doctors, psychotherapy is of the greatest importance in the treatment of depressive episodes.
  • Pharmacotherapy, which consists in fighting the disease by administering antidepressants; treatment is long-term, and you have to wait even a few weeks for the effects to come out,
  • Electric shocks, which is one of the fastest methods of fighting the disease; usually used in severe depressive states, when stupor or suicidal thoughts appear,
  • CBD-containing products -about the effectiveness ofcontaining substances cannabis- we writein the fight against disease later in this article.

Therapy can take place in a hospital setting, but is usually on an outpatient basis. Both pharmacotherapy and CBD products allow a person suffering from depression to be treated at home in the event of less severe symptoms of the disease, with regular monitoring by specialists. Before starting therapy, however, it is important to present the patient with his treatment plan, as well as to make him aware of his participation in this process. This is important for the success of the treatment.

Treating Depression and CBD

Research confirms that treating depression can be done with CBD. For several years, the substance has been tested for effectiveness in the fight against depression, with positive results in tests on animals and humans. In the case of depression, treatment should be based on reducing the absorption of serotonin, which will relieve the symptoms of the disease. German scientists have found that CBD increases the transmission of serotonin receptors, giving positive effects in the fight against depression.

It is also worth being aware of how CBD affects the individual symptoms of depression. The substance has a sedative effect without getting “high”, so it can help the patient in the fight against sleep disorders. Moreover, some neurological studies confirm that CBD products dopamine loss is reduced withand thus the disease slows down. Clinical tests also show how CBD works to create new neurons. Based on some studies, it has been found that the substance can stimulate the growth of the hippocampus, i.e. contribute to the formation of neurons. This, in turn, can reduce the anxiety and symptoms of depression.  

Although CBD in the treatment of depression is not as popular as pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy, the substance that has been the subject of many clinical trials is eagerly chosen for the treatment of patients. More and more laboratory tests are showing positive results confirmingeffectiveness CBD’s in fighting long-term mood disorders.

How to treat depression with CBD?

To a large extent, how to deal with depression depends on the will of the patient and the treatment used. In the case of CBD, the daily dose that a person suffering from the disorder should take will be important. It is best to start relieving symptoms with a minimal dose and then increase it based on your body’s signals. Following consultation with a physician, patients suffering from depression usually start their therapies with a dose of 25-50 mg of CBD per day.


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