Drug addiction – symptoms of drug addiction.

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Drug addiction is a social problem. The myth that drug addiction applies only to homeless people living at railway stations, whose life has not turned out well is nonsense. Drug addiction can affect anyone, not just those who “look” like the stereotypical drug addict. A problem with drugs may be someone around us who we do not suspect of it at all, because he or she has a good job, a great family or good grades at school and many friends.

Signs of drug addiction

Drug addiction is a disease and, like most diseases, it can affect anyone. Let us not convince ourselves that “someone would notice something”. There are many subtle signs of addiction that are really easy to overlook. An addicted person will rarely openly admit to the disease, especially since he often denies his addiction. You need to be able to see details that may indicate that a problem exists in order to be able to react and help as quickly as possible.
Behavioral changes often occur in addicts. Suddenly, they completely change their habits, abandon their previous interests. Drug addiction is also manifested by fluctuations in mood and activity – from excessive excitement and excess energy to apathy, indifference, and aversion to any activity.

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In addition, young people with drug problems in particular tend to drift away from old friends, and new friendships are made with people who suddenly – out of nowhere – appear in their lives. The drugged person may run away from home. Drug addiction is also characterized by bouts of aggression and anger that subside after a while. Moreover, a drug addict is more likely to be caught in lies and scams. A person who has been close to us until now becomes closed in on himself, living in his own world.

All these symptoms are so uncharacteristic that they may indicate that someone has been hit by drug addiction, but they do not have to. These symptoms can also suggest depression. Behavioral changes are not always easy to see. We live in a constant rush, which means that we do not always look closely at someone who is even very close. It’s important to stop and notice sometimes.

In addition to behavioral changes, drug addiction also involves changes in appearance. Sudden weight loss can occur as a result of drug abuse. Drug addiction often goes hand in hand with a change in the complexion, which becomes sallow and pale. In addition, drug addiction can be diagnosed by skin changes on the face. Drug addiction also has easily noticeable symptoms such as dilated or narrowed pupils and redness of the eyes.

Punctures and bruises are another obvious sign of drug use. However, they are not always visible, because the addicted person carefully hides them. Needle marks in elbow creases are masked by long sleeves, and ankle marks by trousers. Drug addiction also goes hand in hand with changes in appearance – a new style of dress, a new hairstyle, earrings, tattoos. Drug addiction can also lead to negligence in the area of ​​personal hygiene. There may also be a sweet smell of clothes, breath and hair.

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