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The causes of alcoholism among adults – parents may result from improper socialization in childhood and life helplessness. Alcoholization is a way of coping with difficulties and solving problems, often it is the result of repeating patterns taken from the family home. Nevertheless, a very common situation is alcoholization of only one parent, the spouse. This becomes the cause of dysfunction and inability to fulfill certain social roles. Family members must develop a new system of coping with the situation. The family goes through the stages of adapting to life with a loved one with an alcohol problem. The phenomenon of codependency is very common. Wrong patterns, consent to alcoholization, is also a common cause of the problem of addiction in adolescents. Parents allow children to try drinks in the presence of adults, it is a wrong pattern that reinforces the view that high-percentage drinks are part of meetings and do not pose a threat, and are socially accepted. Therefore, pathology in the educational environment and dysfunctions in the family are also the causes of alcoholism among young people.


Addiction to alcohol may also affect the elderly. The causes of “late alcoholism” are seen in the negative phenomena accompanying old age, for which many people are not prepared. In this sense, we can talk about retirement, which is associated with a radical change in lifestyle, but also loneliness and deterioration of health. These factors may be the reason for the appearance of depressive states.

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Older people begin to abuse alcohol because it reduces negative emotions and feelings. Alcoholization is a way of coping with a new, difficult life situation. Aging is a period of profound changes, not only in the physical sphere, but also in the mental, emotional and social sphere. Older people do not adapt so quickly to changes and new conditions, hence a negative reaction often appears, resulting in reaching for alcohol or drugs.


The causes of alcoholism can be found in the inheritance of certain inclinations, there is even talk of a gene for alcoholism. However, research shows that genes are only partially responsible for the appearance of the problem. Environmental factors play a significant role in alcohol dependence. We can talk about the tendency, characteristics and tendencies of the body to develop the disease, but addiction is activated by the environment and creating opportunities for alcoholization. Hence, some people are predestined to develop alcoholism, because genetic conditions (innate tendencies), together with environmental factors, increase the potential and possibility of alcohol dependence.

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