Smoking has been a widespread problem in Europe since the early 1900s. For many years, tobacco consumption has been the greatest avoidable cause of death in the European Union. It is estimated that 100 million people in Europe smoke each day and, according to a WHO study, smoking kills about 6 million people each year, causing economic losses estimated at over half a trillion dollars. Multiple studies published in medical journals indicate that CBD can treat addiction. 

What does the research say? 

A study on CBD by Freidbert Weiss showed positive results in the use of CBD to treat addiction. Although this particular study was conducted in rats addicted to cocaine or alcohol dependence, it sheds some light on the power of CBD as an effective treatment for addiction. Scientists have long speculated that “endocannabinoid-altering substances could be an effective treatment for nicotine addiction,” but more research is needed.

Two studies by University College London look at CBD’s effectiveness in quitting smoking. The first study looked at 24 smokers. 12 smokers used a CBD inhaler and the remaining 12 received a placebo inhaler. Their task was to reach for the inhaler every time they wanted to smoke. Researchers found that those using the CBD inhaler reduced their cigarette consumption by 40 percent, while the habits of those using the placebo did not change significantly.


In May 2018, another study on CBD and smoking was conducted in the UK. In this randomized, double-blind, trial, 30 nicotine addicts were given 800 mg of CBD orally or a matched placebo. Participants were then shown pictures of smoking and examined for withdrawal symptoms, craving, heart rate and blood pressure. The pictures used in the study showed real-life scenes, during which the desire to reach for a cigarette is high, e.g. a party, smoking friends, or a stressful situation. The results of this study were interesting: a single dose of 800 mg of CBD may help reduce the “pleasure” of smoking, especially when participants abstained from smoking overnight.

How it’s working? 

Quitting smoking is about more than overcoming a physical addiction, it is also the process of breaking a habit that is difficult and can cause a lot of stress for the addicted person. Over the years, many people have successfully used marijuana as an alternative to smoking. The THC in marijuana, like CBD, has a relaxing effect, but its psychoactive effects can increase the drug and stress levels, and it is also an illegal substance. CBD seems to be the better choice as it is non-addictive, non-intoxicating, and has a calming and relaxing effect. 

Various forms of CBD can be selected to fight cigarette addiction: CBD oils, chewing gums, dried hemp or special CBD oils for e-cigarettes. All of these products have a THC concentration of less than 0.2%, so they are absolutely legal.

Many of the most effective quitting techniques involve replacing your new smoking habits with healthier habits, such as walking around after a meal or drinking a cup of tea while you normally have a cigarette. Replacing tobacco cigarettes with cannabis smoking is not a long-term solution, but it can definitely help you in the first phase of quitting smoking. Then, it is healthier to choose to vaporize dried CBD, use CBD liquids in an e-cigarette, or take CBD by mouth, whether as drops under the tongue, chewing CBD gum or taking capsules.


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